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Wonderland Re-creation

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Guys, I have started a wonderland re-creation on RCT2. I've made the SP so far (and yes including to dome thing) I've also mad the Demon, The Bush Beast, Beastie and SkyRider. I wish I could send some photos in but I can't because I don't where to get the screen shots from :(

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I hope that it is not me that you are talking about as the one who gave up building Movie World in RCT2. If you look at the start of my new forum thread you will find the link as to where the download file is for the completed movie world theme park minus half a car park and a sound stage off the side, but the hole themepark is completed and available for download and seeing as how i know have RCT3, I wasn't going back to finish the old park.

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My apologies for jumping to conclusions. And despite never having been to wonderland, your park doesn't look that bad. What I did when I built in RCT2, I used the scenario creator to make a blank map of the largest size and then use a trainer to give me large amounts of money, and owning all land except for the entry paths. It makes it really easy that way.

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