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Photo copyrights?

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Hey guys, I'm in the process of searching the net for any wonderland related photos to use for the upcoming wonderland history site and had a query that someone here might be able to answer. The photos on the roller-coaster.com.au galleries (for wonderland?). Who owns the copyright to these photos? Anyone here on this forum? I'd like (with your permission of course) use it for the artwork of the new site (it'll be photoshopped into the design not a 'gallery' of images per se). And whilst we're on the topic of photos... There's been many posted here on these forums which I'll investigate later, but, do any of you guys have any websites with wonderland photos on them (and wouldn't mind me using for this site?) If so, please post the url! You'll be given full acknowledgements on this site for your contribution. Thanks guys!

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Youd have to ask richard that question mate. However a lot of the bushbeast photos on this site belong to me. I have no problme with you using them. For that matter id be happy to send you thumbnails of all my wonderland pics in an email or something for you to have a look at
Thanks! What name does Richard go by on here? I know Liam (flea) is responsible for a few of the videos. And I'd love to get a set of thumbnails off you! If you want to e-mail them to mickazee@gmail.com I can maybe pick a few out perhaps? Do you have any images from earlier on in the parks life? I really want to get a good cross section of wonderlands life... The hardest is digging up all the info on who financed the park, what rides it first had etc etc... I'll have to make some enquiries :)
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Im assuming that he reviews all the posts in these fourums anyway. You can contact him in here by clicking above on "members list" find his name and there is a thing in there to send him emails. As for my photos the only ones i have are ones a few weeks before the closure of the park this year. However there are various photos throughout this site, just click on any thread in the wonderland section that has attatchments and see if they are photos or not.

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