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Dreamworld Theme Song

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Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had a copy of the Dreamworld theme song, either the old or the new, but preferably the new one "So Many Worlds in One". If you do could you please e-mail it to be, I'd be most grateful. Send it to my username at hotmail. I just reckon its a cool song. And is there a way I would be able to put the song onto RCT3 so I can go around the park listening to it? I guess that questions valid for another topic but I'll be grateful for any assistance. Thanx Stephen

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I have no idea were you will find it, I like all of dreamworlds theme songs and wish i could get a copy of them, right back from the start (i wish i could go sommewhere special like you.) ive actualy got some old dreamworld comercials on video, and i just got a new pc so i could upload some maybe. Tot comercial when it was opening, and do dreamworld just for fun If anyone dose no how to get a holdof there theme songs, post it!

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