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New coaster types

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Has anyone got any ideas for new coaster types? Here are some of mine: Ring coaster. Basically just the vehicle from a zamperla Disk-o mounted on a coaster track, it would be designed as a family ride and the rotation would afford panoramic views of the surrounding areas Back foward tilt coaster. The car is taken to the top and then fed onto a tilt track section, this tips foward onto another tilt section, which tilts backward onto another one that tilts foward and so on, zigzaging its way down. A magnet permanent brake means the cars can go right to the edge of each tilt scaring the riders, making them think they are going to fall off. Suspended crazy spin. Riders sit in a suspended outward facing vehicle, one seat pointing in each direction, the car is able to spin and it is connected to the wheel assembly via a univerasl joint, enabling free swinging in any driection. So it could swing side to side, but also swing foward and back in moments of decelleration.

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What about an inverted style coaster where there is 2 seats on each side which can rotate 360 degrees in any direction while the train still goes straight. There would be more bunny hills and elements that give a stranger feeling. Like not just plain vertical loops. More corkscrew and long in line twists and lots of time upside down. It would be the most ultimate feeling getting airtime while facing sideways or face down.

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