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Demon Going to Visionland

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that song is actually "production music". it basically comes as a bundled cd package with thousands of generic songs licensed for use by production companies in advertising etc. most of the songs are classified by what they're like, this one in particular is "upbeat parade", because, it is, well, suitable for an upbeat parade. it is most familiar to be hearing it while strolling down past the lake, from bounty's to dodgems, althought it was used throughout the park. i have attached a VERY VERY low quality version of the track for your pleasure. this file is distorted as all hell, mono, and really really cruddy. but its the only way to get it to upload. the original version is 256k stereo, without all the noise, and doesn't have the annoying beep tones at the start. if you have some interesting wonderland stuff i might be willing to trade on the full version.... ;)

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Flasher, DC is the persons initials as there's no real need to mention his full name. Anyway, the Visionland rep was talking to DC about working over in the US when he was here on a park visit last year to view the ride. I didn't know if DC accepted or not until now. I guess he did, good for him. By the way, the video on the Visionland website was cut from a demo video I had put together for them. The footage itself was already a few years old.

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