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Waterpark Tycoon Game Idea

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I have been wondering, why haven’t we seen a water park Tycoon game yet, It could be quite fun and many people who play RCT would probably play it too. Here are some of my ideas for a water park game, tell me what you think. Slides, Every slide available now, from standard slides, to raft rides, master blasters bowl slides, extreme slides and many others. Other attractions such as Swing things, mini golf, Chairlifts and trams, and jumping towers. Pool attractions such as small, medium and large wave pools, lazy rivers, rapid rivers, whirlpools, spas and artificial surfing waves. Kids attractions such as water playgrounds, pirate boats, small slides, loads of fountain types, and fibreglass animals. Food outlets in the game wouldn’t sell individual items depending on the size, for example, carts could only carry one item, while hole in the wall outlets could carry 10 and large sit-down outlets could carry 25 items, all which you would have to research. Staff could include Handymen, Lifesavers, Mechanics, and Pool Cleaners. There would be 3 types of people, Kids, Teens and Adults, Teens can ride anything, but kids would only use small slides and shallow pools ect, while adults would use larger rides, but not kids ones. The game would be done in full 3d because the game would not require large numbers of polygons, for example, one slide segment could be done with 10 or so polygons, and 4 for the support, so frame rates would be high. Another feature in the game could be visiting mode, where you make a character (like in the Sims) then you enter one of your parks and actually control your character to run around the park, and you would be able to interact with things around the park (eg play around with water cannons, ride on rides, swim in the pools, and buy food), so if somebody recreated a real water park, people could see what it would be like to walk around in. Other things in the game could include heating your pools, if it’s too cold, visitors won’t swim unless it’s heated. Rides would be rated on criteria similar to RCT: Intensity, Excitement, Fun value (Nausea never really happens at water parks) , but another Variable could be an Aesthetical rating, so that would encourage you to theme stuff well, or else guests wont like it as much and would say “Raft slide 1 looks really drab”. What does everyone think of my idea? Attached is an un-textured pic of how the game could sort of look.

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These are the items that could be in the game, if there are any that i have missed, just post them. SLIDES Standard flume slide Headfirst mat slide 2-man raft slide 3-man boat slide 4-man family slide 2-man raft blast 4-man family blast Bubbling creek slide Reversing slide Kids slide Bowl slide Giant cone slide Wall surf slide Half pipe slide Kids raft slide High-speed tunnel slide Speed slide Freefall slide Toboggan slide Transparent tunnel slide 1-man transport slide 4-lane race slide 8-lane race slide Twister slide Pool plunge slide Super wide slide Surge slide POOL ATTRACTIONS Lazy River Rapid River Kids wave pool Medium wave pool Large wave pool Surf wave pool Whirlpool Spa Wave River Cinema pool OTHER Body board wave A Body board wave B Mini Golf Chairlift Tram Soaker coaster Beach volleyball court rental Small jump tower Large jump tower FOOD Vending machine Cart Outlet Small walk up outlet Large walk up outlet Small outdoor seating outlet Large outdoor seating outlet Small indoor seating outlet Large indoor seating outlet. Here are a few more renderings.

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hello.... i am from germany and i have found an expansion pack for rollercoaster tycoon 3. it is called SOAKED ! here is the link http://www.aspyr.com/product/info/70/ i don't know if its a good version but your idea sounds great ;) but there is also a game called "waterpark tycoon". I bought it in netherlands but it doesn't work on my computer. I hope I could help you ;)

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