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RC NL Challenge 2 - Little Launchers

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RC No Limits Challenge 2 – Little Launchers Time for another No Limits challenge, this time, your challenge is to create a small but exiting rocket coaster, for inspiration, have a look at Kanonen on , that’s the sort of thing Im after. The story: A small amusement park has just been set up, however the local council does not allow developments higher than 30m high in its municipality so your coaster must not be higher than that. This park has only recently been established so they are after the newest technology, in this case an Intamin rocket coaster, but financial limitations means the park can only spend money on a coaster a maximum of 550m long. The Rules: -The coaster must be an Intamin Hyper Coaster in continuous mode -The track can only reach a maximum height of 30m (from the minimum level in the work area) -The track can only be 550m long including the station, brakes and launch -The track must include a top hat element, it can be a U shaped one like Kanonen or an L shaped one like storm runner. Your top hat can be an “outside” top hat or a “inside” top hat where riders are turned upside down -G limits: Lat +1.5 /-1.5 Vert +5.5/-1.5 Acc +2/-2 KEEP THE G FORCES IN CHECK!!!YOU WILL LOSE POINTS FOR NOT DOING THIS -Your riders must be able to get off the ride alive, MAKE SURE THERE IS SAFE CLEARANCE.Do a tunnel test and make sure that supports, other sections of track, the ground and trees. YOU WILL LOSE POINTS FOR NOT DOING THIS -Use all the space you want, and all the terra forming and trees you want, but no 3DS -Your ride must be realistically supported (a good guide is one support every 10m or so. -Your ride must pass the Emergency stop test (must be able to complete the circuit from an emergency stop on every brake) -Maximum 2 trains Your track should be posted in this thread by 25/01/05 zipped up, with the track file name in this format: “Username_Trackname.nltrack” Judging: Your ride will be judged on the following: -Excitement and adrenaline -The fun factor of it -Originality -Building Technique (how smooth the track is, no bumps and jerks, well shaped track ect) -Wether it fits the criteria -Overall quality of the layout This challenge is tougher than the last, but will yield interesting results, Good luck.

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Slicks entrt does not have a top hat element in it. For those who are unsure, its something like this: or this or this but for a short one, like this

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