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Brett Ratner (director of Silence of the Lambs "prequel" Red Dragon, Rush Hour 1&2&3) was working on a new Superman movie, with Anthony Hopkins (Red Dragon, Silence, Hannibal, Bad Company...) being paid a whopping $30mil to play Jor-El, Superman's Krypton father. However, this project was killed by Ratner, because he was finding it difficult to find someone capable for the lead role. As far as I know, until they find another directer with a little more patience (Brett Ratner is a younger guy who obliterated the great novel that was Red Dragon with his fairly dry and shallow rendition of it), the project is on hold. Wolfgang Petersen (Perfect Storm) has been said to be taking it on board, but all I care is that they get Hopkins for the supporting role. I'm probably going into a little too much detail for most of your likings, but that's life. :P I doubt Movie World have looked at this new film in much details, so I'd cross it off your list of potential new rides (though it'd make sense once the film comes closer) for the time being. They could always be referring to the Special FX show, which includes the Superman blue screen bit.

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The other reason that the movie is not going ahead, that richard stated a little is the lack of a leading man. Many have said that it is due to the so called curse of supermand in which almost all the actors who played the superman role have had little sucess or a bad accident in their life. The role was offered to Josh Harnet, who turned it down like others due to the contract being a 3 picture deal. These actors do not wish to comment to such a deal in case of missing out on something better. This and the before mentioned reason with the director that Richard stated has put the movie production back, but they are still looking and I believe that the movie may be filmed on the Gold Coast Studios at WBMW. Now back to the coasters.

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