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Closure and Crime

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With the recent spate of kitten torture around Sydney, particularly in the west (Mt Druitt and Seven Hills), there has been speculation that these attacks are caused by teens that are bored during the holidays because they have nothing to do. It has been implied that due to the recent closure of several places around Sydney that catered for teens these acts have occurred. I have not read or heard Wonderland mentioned directly but the intended association is clear. Thoughts, comments. "The Bus is now leaving for Kittens Gully, NSW"

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bussy, i totally agree, i work in retail and the amount of kids and their parentals saying they wished they had somewhere to go over the recent xmas holidays.... if wonderland was still in operation today then not only would the kids have somewhere to go, but would give me a place to go on my day off to chill

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What a load of bull****. Wonderland closing has nothing to do with it. Kids have always been little turds. Animals have been smashed since the year dot, it's just that the media have decided this is their flavour of the week at the moment. Crime and its seriousness hasn't changed in the last 20 plus years. Just as a point of interest though...over 95% of known serial killers and numerous murderers and violent offenders in general, tend to slaughter small animals whilst they're in their teens! (This is actually well documented) including but not limited to; John TRAVERS (the main offender in the Anita Cobby murder), Ivan MILAT (Backpacker murders) and John GLOVER (Granny killer). Anyone that treats an animal poorly should be made to dance to chocolate cha cha with Bubba in the big house! Pack of spineless little maggots. Friggin cowards!

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