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Hi all, it’s been a while! So if someone has already made a thread or even though it’s mentioned on the website it shouldn’t be on here, please remove this post, I won’t mind.


The Sky Safari will CLOSE on the 31st of January. Originally built in 1987, and last renovated in 2000, apparently after speaking to some staff it’s starting to break down and is getting to the point of no return. After this, an $81 million new system will be built due to be opened in 2025. The new Gondolas will have a higher capacity, be safer, have air conditioning, and be compliant with current accessibility guidelines. It’ll also have 21st Century technology, and will go on a longer route. Only minimal information is known about this new Sky Safari, but we should know more once they start construction.

To everyone in Sydney, you have 8 days! 

I’m currently at the Zoo, but when I get back home, I’ll give you some photos and other information.

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I found a bit more info on their website:

The revitalised Sky Safari will: 

feature more and larger gondolas that are more accessible, dramatically improving the guest experience journey for all visitors.

provide greater access to the zoo for guests of all ages and abilities – particularly elderly visitors, those with prams.  

connect to current upgrades underway to the Taronga Zoo Wharf under the NSW Government’s Transport Access Program.  

increase the Sky Safari’s current daily capacity, allowing for a more seamless flow of guests around the Taronga, while also providing new ways for them to see and connect with an array of wildlife, many of which are critically endangered. 

encourage guests off the roads and onto public transport as they explore the harbour on route to the zoo.

Artists impressions of the new gondolas 



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These new gondolas look identical to the Disney World \ Singapore cable car gondolas, which ticks all the accessibility and capacity boxes mentioned, and if so, will definitely be a nice upgrade. 

Having done the zoo many times, I know I wouldn't like the idea of visiting without the cable car to get to the top - I imagine the park might see a significant drop in attendance until the new one is opened.

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1 minute ago, DaptoFunlandGuy said:

Having done the zoo many times, I know I wouldn't like the idea of visiting without the cable car to get to the top - I imagine the park might see a significant drop in attendance until the new one is opened.

There’s a public bus that runs from the wharf to the top of the zoo fairly frequently. So I can’t imagine it having that huge of an impact on attendance.

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You also have to leave the park to go back to the top without walking it and the park has 2 or so "channels" that need to be done to see everything, so either way you're walking that hill a few times. You can also enter from the bottom.

The thing keeping me away is the lack of an open nocturnal house.

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On 23/1/2023 at 9:16 AM, DaptoFunlandGuy said:

Like I said, I wouldn't like the idea of visiting without the cable car.

It’s a major attraction at the park! It’s that last little push to get someone to go. It’s not just your regular old boring transport system like a bus. Before the Sky Safari opened, I still have family who used to go when they were little complaining about walking back up the hill, it’s a literal hell going up there, and I know that with my legs that I surely wouldn’t be the last one to collapse going back up!

They used to have trams from the City to the Zoo, then went down to the wharf. These have since become the 100 and 238 buses. They already have extra 238 buses going to the “Top Zoo”, they’ll probably just put in some extra services. Sure, it may cause a slight loss of patronage for people only coming for the Sky Safari, but more people are coming for, well, the Zoo! You know, the Giraffes, Elephants, Fishing Cats, and more! There’s a new Reptile area, and a new “Australia” area at the end of the year. That’ll definitely keep people coming until at least the Sky Safari reopens. And then there’ll be more people coming after that opens too!

Zoos are having to change with the times, not just to boost Animal Welfare and focus more on education. But also new experiences like any other park to keep people rolling in the gates!

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Hi all,

Just a few minutes ago, the Sky Safari closed down for the last time. I was lucky to be the last passenger on board the Sky Safari. So I’ll be talking about those last few minutes of the ride.

The whole park was very empty as it was the first day for most students back at school. And it was not well known for people outside of Zoo Friends. The only press there was 9 News, so it was very low key.

Shortly before the last trip, we were lucky to be allowed into the workshop for the Gondolas and got insider and in depth knowledge about how it all works. We were also lucky to get on the last ever service! All the staff were so kind and so friendly and went up and beyond for not just us, but everyone! 

After the last gondola came through, everything shut off and became eerily quiet. The last one was number 16, and then one by one by every staff member were packed up for the last time. Then there was a guard of honour and then a few speeches and photos before having a pizza party.

Only 10 staff members will remain at the Zoo, the rest will remain for a few weeks for the decommissioning then become redundant. Apparently it’s been pretty difficult over the Pandemic due to both restrictions and the imminent closure that was delayed multiple times.

All parts and gondolas will be sold over the next few weeks and anything that can’t will be destroyed. One of the gondolas MAY be kept to be displayed similarly to Scenic World.

So now we got for the next 2 years the construction of a whole new system! I’ll keep this thread going for construction updates.

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I’ll just quickly add it here as I can’t edit the post:

The Sky Safari took 20 million people around, travelled the equivalent of going to Mars, and carried the Olympic Torch! It was also renovated in 2000 for the existing gondolas. The old ones from before 2000 can be found here: https://youtu.be/wQcqKaVxZ7Y


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  • 1 month later...

Hi all, here’s an update as to the decommissioning, demolition, and reconstruction of the Sky Safari.

It’s been just over a month since the Sky Safari closed down. They haven’t touched that much of the Sky Safari as of what I could see outside. But the decommissioning process should be done by the end of the month, then demolition shall begin. In the meantime, signs have been put up next to the Bus Stop. Which seem like a lot of children will be crying and screaming at while the Parents have to accept the fact that because they were too late, they’ll have their mini Zoo Fans that they call their kids having trust issues for the next 2 years. And all mention of the Sky Safari has been removed from the map. There’s also some history signs that’s been placed over the windows at the Top Gate.

But other than that, pretty much everything is still in tact from the day that it closed. None of the Gondolas have moved, even the ones they couldn’t get back up the hill! But keep an eye out as they should begin soon! Here are some photos that I took that’ll give a bit more detail. Have a great day everyone!






















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