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Rainbow Model Update

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Well for those that have seen my HUSS Rainbow video or been to the Sydney Royal Easter Show, the owners (O'NEILL SHOWS) have a pretty bad excuse for a backdrop, anyway I thought, since my model is pretty spot on with the ride, I thought id add the backdrop tarp. Its a little different to the real thing as there is no "font" for the RAINBOW lettering, but this will do until I get a proper photo of the tarp. Hope you like, would love to hear feedback Chris. P.S I also tied the bottom corners on with thread to the footers, to add that even more realistic feel http://img233.exs.cx/img233/2624/tarp11wd.jpg http://img233.exs.cx/img233/5268/tarp23dx.jpg http://img233.exs.cx/img233/441/tarp35nb.jpg Enjoy

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