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Warner Bros Movie World Madrid

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Hello from Spain. I am going to try to make you a resportaje on the park Warner of Spain. The Warner Bros Movie World Madrid, NOTICE MY ENGLISHMAN IS BAD(WRONG);-) HARE WHAT COULD fotoswarner5.jpgWarner Bros Movie World Madrid Hollywood Bolvd The first zone that nothing mas to enter to the park you are is the magestuoso and glamouroso Hollywood. This zone always this flood of the prominent figures Looney Tunes, Cartoon Networks ... and for the Show " Hollywood Dancer " and the movie in 3D Marvin Martian in the Chinese Theatre. In addition it(he,she) possesses(relies on) multitude of Shops and restaurants Hollywood Dancer show: warner-peque7.jpg Theme Zone: warner-peque9.jpgfotoswarner18.jpgfotoswarner14.jpg Chinese Theatre: fotoswarner22.jpgfotoswarner23.jpgwb4.jpg

Info Zone: 5 Restaurants y Bar´s 1 Ride (Marvin 3D) 1 Show Service (info, Seasson Pass..)

PHOTOS: www.parquestematicos.net www.capte.org Continue.......... Cartoon Village Zone ;)

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Hola I have not visited Warner Australia .. but me encantaria to visit it.... Now I you present other one of the thematic zones, it is the zone Cartoon Village, the zone of the cartoon and looney Tunes. Cartoon Village He is a zone thought for the families and the children .. with infantile attractions and attractions emphasized like Rapid ACEM TOUR FACTORY, an aquatic attraction tematizada in the factory ACME, Also possesses(relies on) a familiar(family) coaster of Tom and Jerry and in Summer of 2005 a new interactive Dark Ride of Sc0oby Doo. You prop the zone possess(rely on) a Musical Show of the Looney Tunes, Splash Zone of the Looney Tunes Mention with prominent figures several Restaurants and Shops and Zone! Entry to the zone Cartoon Village: fotoswarner24.jpg Cartoon Plaza with a spectacular source(fountain) of the looney tunes: fotoswarner15.jpg ACME FACTOY TOUR RAPIDS: fotoswarner28.jpgwb169.jpg Tom & Jerry Pinnig in the park Coaster: fotoswarner6.jpg Photos of several attractions of the zone: wb191.jpgwb172.jpg Looney Tunes Show Musical: fotoswarner30.jpg Cartoon Cafe Restaurant: fotoswarner29.jpg Scooby Doo Adventure, new in summer 2005. Attraction Dark Ride Sally Corpo. : Scooby_bb.jpg

Info zone: 12 Atracciones 3 Houses of prominent figures looney tunes village 2 Restaurants 1 Ice-cream parlour 2 Shop 1 Show 1 Cita Character

Soon zone: THE OLD WEST TERRITORY .. the wild mas west

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