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Warioware Microgames

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I recentley got WarioWare Touched and really enjoyed it, and it got me thinking of other mini games for it. Post some of your ideas here. Some of mine: Chewing the fat: rub the stylus up and down to make a jaw chew on a piece of food. Spin Sickness: move the stylus in a circular motion to make a carnival ride spin, and make a vomit gauge fill. Toilet Panic: There is a row of cubicles, tap an empty one when it comes avaliable to make a guy rush in. Stompers: You get a top down view of three conveyor belts with a stomper on each one. items come down and you have to hit the stomper to squash it. Tetris Rotation: Move the stylus in a circular motion to rotate the tetris brick the right way so it cleas a line. Coaster construction: You are presented with a partialy built section of coaster track, draw lines between each segment to finish it. Record Rotator: A record will spin on a turntable in a certain pattern, you then have to copy the pattern it spins in.. Tornado: Blow into the microphone to make a tornado destroy a building. Lucky Lotto: Scratch a lotto ticket quickly to reveal a prize. Drop 'n' sort: coloured balls will drop down the screen onto a see saw with a bucket on each side. move the stylus to tilt the see saw the right way so the items fall in. Anyone got any other ideas?

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