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Australian Ride Count

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Well make up your mind... which is it... 108 or 87?

Australian Ride Count Just curious, what is everyones total ride count for Aus so far? Mine is 87 so far but I know there are people here who can do better then that. __________________ "The pre-ride experience is almost as impressive as the ride itself ". 2002 Dreamworld CEO Tony Braxton commenting on the Cyclone rollercoaster. Total Ride Count: 108
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Total rides? Huh oh!! I don't know!! I've lost count!! I went on many of them. If I see something new, I ride it. Mainly fast rides, like Ranger or Kazamaze (my favourite - I think I went on it over 100 times!!) I think the one in Luna Park is crap!! Too slow and I was left hanging upside down far too long!! I like those ones in Royal Melbourne Show or at Moomba. They're the fastest. I went onto Corkscrew in Seaworld 4 times, Cyclone once, and Thunderbolt twice. Lethal Weapon twice. Ohh I could go on and on.......!!! But anyway, if I could bring a piece of paper with me to each theme parks I could dot 'em down. I don't think I can count it by now!! Cheers.

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