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Inconsistency in safety guidelines.

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This was a letter someone wrote to SMH's Column 8 section.

"This week my family visited Luna Park," writes Stacey Brodbeck, of Swansea. "As my six-year-old daughter is under 130 centimetres, she had to have a green pass. It amazed us that this pass entitled her to go on the Rotor by herself, yet she could only go on the carousel if accompanied by a paying adult. We stopped needing to get on a merry-go-round with her years ago (and, as parents, have never needed to pay). Yet, when she decided to go on the Rotor we thought it rather prudent that her dad go with her. Is it just us who think this doesn't make sense?" Hmm. You can fall off a carousel, but it's impossible to fall off the Rotor. Could that be it?
"The Bus is now leaving for Flinders Column, South Australia"
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As someone who once worked in an overseas themepark, I know that there is always a reason for safety rules... I am sure the people at luna park don't want to spoil anyone's fun just for the hell of it. Perhaps the rules are as they are because in the Rotor the children are stuck to the walls and cannot possibly move anywhere to hurt themselves. On the Carosell there is a possibility that children can hurt themselves if, in their immiturity, they are not being sensible and walk around while the ride is in motion or stand on the horses for example. Also, on the rotor the children are under constant supervision by the ride operator whereas on the carosell there are small times when the ride operator cannot see the kids. The speed or scariness of a ride does not always correlate with how safe it is for those that cannot follow instructions. There are a couple of answers for you, I'm sure if you would have asked while you were at luna park, the people there would have been more than happy to help you.

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