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I noticed Saturday's Courier Mail in Brisbane had a short little part on DubiaLand, the HUGE leisure land planned to be built in Dubai. I checked out the URL for the official site provided and all I can say is WOW! When I saw that the mentioning of this being built for Dubai, I knew it would be something special because that city is absolutely amazing. The very oil-rich country of the United Arab Emirates spends tremendous amounts of money over the last decade turning this desert region on the Persian Gulf into the most spectacular city in the world, and very close to the top of the places in the world I most want to visit. This planned leisure area is MASSIVE and if you look at the satellite image on the website I mentioned above, you will see what I mean. It comprises of six worlds (though they really could have done a better job choosing the names): *Downtown - Restaurants, shopping, night clubs... *Eco-Tourism World - Museums, Zoos, Safaris. Even a Dinosaur world safari, like Jurassic Park I suppose, though maybe not real dinosaurs. *Retail & Entertainment World - Shops, shops and more shops. *Sports and Outdoors World - Stadiums, golf courses, race tracks. *Themed Leisure & Vacation World - 5 Star hotels and resorts And the one we are most interested in: *Attractions & Experience World - The ultimate themepark destination. 145 million square feet of the world's best rides and attractions. With the amount of money they are putting into this place, we can expect the best rollercoasters in the world. This will be where the record breaking new rides will be. This area has water parks, ski slopes (in the desert?) and film studios. It probably sounds as though I am a sales person for this project but I'm not, I just think that Dubai is the most amazing city in the world and this themepark will be definately one to visit. Check out if you want to see more. I haven't looked at the video yet, but I will have a look later. So here is a thread to chat about this amazing place.

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