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Jim's trip to Queensland

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I didn't know here to put this exactlty, cause it goes on about 3 different parks and some more, so for anyone that cares, here we go! First off, on the way there, I worked out my ears didn't agree with flying, and subsequently, my head was throbbing in agony from about the point where the captain said "we're about to begin our approach to Coolangatta" to when we landed. We stayed at the Crest, nice place, short walk to the beach. The beach was rough and windy everyday, but I still went in and had a fun time I guess. We hired a VW Beetle which was Yellow, and a Jeep Wrangler Sport which was Brown, I've always liked Jeeps, so I liked that car better. Seaworld: Twas crowded, and the pre-paid line was bigger than the pay on the day line. The carpark was 4/5 full. Pirate: It was down for the first part of the day, and open after lunch, it's always a great ride (not as good or as fun as the Ranger by Huss) and went for a moderately long time. The queue for a ride of this type, was huge. 7.5/10 Corkscrew: Definately my favourite (actual) roller-coaster on the GC. It's smooth as, it's fast, fun, and great to take pictures of. We went on it twice, and I went in the back both times (I went in the front last time we were at the GC). This is an awesome ride and suits Seaworld perfectly, 10/10. The only problem was both times, the ride attendant didn't actually check our harnesses herself, rather, just asked everyone to push on em and make sure they were buckeled in. This didn't personally worry me, but I dunno if it's against park policy or anything. Bermuda Triangle: I was kinda disctracted through this one because I was looking at the emergency exits, the fire at the top of the mountain freaked me out though and it was damn hot in there. The pre-ride experience is a little lame as well, but I guess it's nessecary. 7/10. Log Flume: Nice ride, too much gum everywhere though, and not enough wet-ness for a flume ride. 6/10. Out of the animal attractions, I liked the shark aquarium exhibit the best. Then probably the Dolphins, the ski show was a little on the crap side. Dreamworld: The big one. We arrived in the punch buggy after having a nice McDonalds breakfast across the road about a half hour after the park opened. I took some happy-snaps of some rides, and then we headed straight for the TOT. I forgot that they moved the entrance, and hence was a little confused for a moment until I realised what was going on, and then power walked over to the entrance. The queue was already up to the skull when we got there, so we waited for about 15-20 minutes for our first ride. The lady supervising the queue was nice enough and was talking to everyone , but the guy doing the actual operating though was one of the least charasmatic and friendly operators I've ever met. He wasn't terribly enthusiastic about anything really and seemed genuinly annoyed at something. Apart from that, the ride was great, and hence it gets 9/10. Wipeout: This was my first time on a Top Spin-esque ride of any sort, and I wasn't dissapointed. The queue was relatively short and we only had to wait for a single load ahead of us before we got on. It was thrilling, fast and blood-rushing. It was a bit clankity clank though, but I wasn't expecting it to be smooth. 9.5/10- best thrill ride at Dreamworld Reptar runaway reptar ride runaway ride- This was ok and was pretty smooth for a Vekoma ride, it's a lot faster than it looks but the entrance is pretty unimaginative. The ride-ops for this ride sucked as well. I remember one of the persons names, Cheyne I think it was. He definately wasn't in a rush to get everyone on, and was talking to some guy on the other side for half of the time anyway. Pretty lame Cheyne. For what it was, it gets a solid 6/10. Cyclone: Argh- a huge queue and it was hot and sweaty inside that circular building, we met some family friends there and talked to them as we were going up. The ride ops were friendly enough and pretty fast, I don't see the point of putting all those seatbelts everywhere though. As for the ride, it's lost a bit of it's charm in the move from LPS to Dreamworld (which I didn't really realise last time I was there) and hence, the buildup to the sidewinder is a little pointless if you didn't know where this ride had come from. It was pretty bumpy, but smooth enough for me. 7/10. I also saw the last (or what appeared to the last) section of the Thunderbolt track sitting there by itself, brings a tear to the eye :'(. Claw: Great fun, smooth, and it rotates at just the right speed (although it looks absurdly slow from off the ride). The best part is swinging down facing the direction of your movement, great ride, fast ops and a nice attempt at 'theming' 8.5/10. ---Lunch--- TOT-again The Train Log Flume ride thing- Man oh man, this thing drenches you no matter where you sit. 7/10. I had to sit down for a while and dry off before... Giant Drop- ARGH! the queue was moderate, but I was freakin out a helluva lot as I was making my way down into that little chamber that it starts from. Even though I had gained the knowledge of how the rides brakes work, it still doesn't take away the fear factor. The lady operating the ride was heaps nice, and if I had that little dollar token, she would have got it (my parents had it with them, the wusses). We were lucky rnough to get two TOT runs, once in the station, and once up the top. My mum counted 43 seconds as we were stationary up the top and it was 42 seconds too long for my nervous system, but once you do drop, it's one of the best rides ever. The only problem was that you could hear when you are about to be dropped (ka-chunk), and it kinda takes away that surprise. But who gives a crap, this ride was awesome(+1) 10/10. Eureka Mine train: The person operating this ride was nice and friendly, and the folks decided to give him the dollar, Daniel his name was. Other than that, it's a great ride. 7/10 TOT- Again And by then, the day was through, and a great day it was. Movieworld: Batman-Meh, it's ok, I don't like the sheer amount of time they spend before the ride though, cut out the libary section maybe and shorten the cavern sequence, apart from that, I can't complain, it's just too long before you ride the ride. 6/10. Lethal Weapon- Revamp my ass, it's still rough as guts, it's not Thunderbolt, but it's still hella rough. The peeps operating the ride were very friendly (Kenneth and the semi-bald guy who's name skips my mind) and were going as quick as they could humanly go (Batman broke down after we finished on it, and hence Lethal Weapon got a large portion of it's patrons). The in-line-twists were particularly rough. Even though it was rough, it's still a personal favourite 8.5/10 Scooby Doo!- The line for this one was huge, and the Projectors they've got up for the queue are totally stuffed up. The ride op looked fairly bored, but the first half of the ride was great. The axe/photo section got to me and I ducked (like most people I guess). The first half of the ride was great though. The second half, I though was too unimaginative though. The backwards drop and the other dips are fun, but I feel that they could have put a bit more effort into it rather than just having it in a warehouse (maybe theme the area as part of a rickety haunted house with wooden boards and such), but still, a completely satisfying ride. 9.5/10 Scooby Doo! - Another ride for us. Matrix Exhibit- This sucks. The Harry Potter one was way better. The only interesting thing (and I love the Matrix movies) was the Mr. Smith section. Wild Wild West- Still great, but not as wettining as the Dreamworld log flume. It was raining when we were on it as well, so that was fun enough. ---Lunch--- Lethal Weapon- It was raining heavily, and people were coming back completely soaked, which made me want to definately get on my first roller-coaster while it was raining, and it was awesome. Completely uncomfortable, cold, wet, rough, bumpy, loud, this was a great ride in the rain, it even washes your clothes for you as you ride it. 9.5/10. Police Academy Stunt Show- Same old same old, they havn't changed it a bit since last time. still funny to watch though. 8/10. Scooby Doo! Yeah, once more, great fun, no line this time :D even though it's an indoor ride and it was raining :) Road Runner Roller-coaster: This was good fun, way better than Reptar for a kids ride and smooth and fun as a whistle. For what it was 8/10. Looney Tunes river thingo. It was ok, I had fun on it even if it was meant for kids. 5/10. Home time. Yes, that's all from me. I had fun, the plane ride home was much better and Virgin is a pretty good airline company, cheap and efficient. :). The ripleys museum was pretty cool as well.

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