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Wonderland TR 7/6/03

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Today, I was lying in bed for what seemed to be hours. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I decided to think of what I would do today. I decided to go to Wonderland for a few hous by myself.. I arrived at the park at exactly 11:20am, I told my mum to pick me up at 2:20pm. There were no lines to get a ticket, so I just flashed my wonderpass got a stamp and was in the park 2 minutes after I exited my car. I raced to Space Probe (even there was no real reason to) and there was absolutely no line. I walked on, to be greeted by 4, yes 4 ride ops! (even though 2 were just talking to the 2 that were actually working). Due to myself being extremely light and the only one on car no. 3, the freefall was quite slow. Never-the-less, fun! I re-rode SP another 20 times until I had to get off because of the line getting too long. Here's some information about SP today.. - Car no. 3 is now currently working. The 'catchment's' cover has been removed for car no. 3, but still is operational.. It looks very, weird. - I made great conversation with a ride op named 'Billy'. He is very enthusiastic, and got the cars up and running in a very short amount of time. We had this little joke between myself and Billy where when the cars reached the very top of the tower, Billy would say 'emergency harness release' and everyone would get freaked out. He's a great person, and I told him to look out for me when I come again next week with my friend Andrew (I think?) After this I took 4 rides on demon, 1 ride at front, 3 at back. Same old stuff, a little rougher than I remember. I raced down to TBB to take a ride on it. I sat next to this person with digusting breath and not at all humourous jokes. Very disappointing ride since I had to put up with roughness, bad breath and lame jokes.. The yellow train has been painted with a wonderland logo at the front. After this, I decided to take a glimpse at the recently 'refurbished' Snowy River Rampage. Nothing has changed except a newly painted station. There was a pretty long line. I took a few more rides on SP (with a 10 minute line), grabbed some chips and waited for my mum to pick me up. Btw, crowds were moderate. ~Flea

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