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sydney theme park options

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hey i was just wondering, what are your thoughts of building a park at the brickpits down at homebush,(if it were to happen).

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Sydney has many sites that could possibly be made into a theme park and resort area. The problems exist when it comes to Zoning, logistics and infrastructure, and the surrounding area. Now I am not sure if you are talking about Homebush, or Homebush Bay (olympic site). If it were in Homebush, bear in mind that the markets are there already, and it is predominantly industrial and low-income residential. Chucking a theme park in here would be a logistical nightmare, adding thousands more cars on the road to an area that chokes itself to death trying to sustain what it already has. Homebush Bay on the other hand would be fine, and this area has been discussed as a potential theme park in the past. Transport to this area would be fine, so long as every road around the olympic site was turned into a clearway, and Cityrail cut services around the network to sustain the extra trains to run to Homebush Bay... Basically your Easter Show, 365 days a year... Eastern Creek (wallgrove road) was well situated, as it was at the crossroad of two main arterials from and to sydney, however these arterials were not being as severely overtaxed as parramatta road is during peak hour. Other dangers of building over old miningquarry areas carry other dangers... for instance, building high speed, highly sensitive rollercoasters over an old quarry or mining area would be dangerous due to the soil shifting, which could potentially buckle and bend and cause muchos muchos accidente... Local residents will complain, no matter where it is built - the good old NIMBY policy - Not In My BackYard. Everyone wants tourism, recreation, extra income from local businesses, and to attract other likeminded businesses... so long as they are not inconvenienced in the slightest while its there... So in summation - yes, i think Sydney desperately requires a tourism attraction of this type... but where to put it, in a place other than eastern creek area? I HAVE NO IDEA.

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