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The old and the new

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Ok, so Luna Park Melbourne was closed down in 2001 for 6 months, I've got one question... What did they change? Which rides are new, which have been done up, and what didn't see attention though it really should've *cough* Senic Railway?

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Apparently they re-tarred the whole park. Included new rides were actually small. A Wave swing ship, a Kamikaze style Ranger ride(I think its Huss, not 100%) and they were supposed to get a new coaster called the Vortex which was supposed to be a Pinfari looping coaster but there were problems getting it overseas. The majority of the money was spent on the Philadelphia Toboggan co Merry go Round(Only 1 left outside of Mainland USA) and restoration of said ride.Apparently it is in excellent condition ( as it should be as it has a heritage order over it!!) and is really something to see!! There was money spent on restoring the Scenic Railway(the trains were repainted and restored and there was work done on the structure and supports but not to my knowledge was there any re-tracking done The rest of the money went on restoring the famous "Mr Moon" entrance which cam up a treat!! The other existing rides were given refits and a new coat of paint and relocated around the park There may have been some other flat rides introduced but I am not sure..I will get back to you on that one Oh..I think they got new Dodgem cars and that they are now housed in the restored building that they used to be in!! Anything else I can think of I will post back!! Cheers Jobe

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