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Warner Bros Movie World on foxtel

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Hi everyone, Saw there was a thread a couple of months ago about a tv show on movieworld. I was watching foxtel today and saw an advert not sure if its the same show or not but thought I'd let everyone know :DDiscovery Travel & Adventure Friday, 10 June 2005 5.30pm Inside Warner Bros Movie World: G The theme park features heart-pounding rides and attractions, including Lethal Weapon, an inverted coaster with the world's first horizontal curve, nicknamed the Aussie Loop.

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Ugh, it was crap. I was flicking through the guide last night and saw it was on and decided to watch it. To start, it was american and hence the commentator guy kept making absurd references to the "Orstralian sun" and the "outback" and garbage like that, but I really can't complain, it's trying to push the Aussie tourism industry. It kept getting worse with the guy saying "if you were to sit on an Orstralian beach at the Gold Coast (Orstralias top place for catching waves and sunshine) chances are you'd run into a movie star". They did a nice little bit on the Lethal weapon and Police Academy Stunt show (both which I found moderately interesting), but I found it hard to beleive that any American watching it would look at Lethal Weapon and say "WHOA! I gotta ride that one, even though we have inverted coasters a thousands times better than that in my own country!" He also stated that the Lethal Weapon is the worlds ONLY inverted coaster with a "Horizontal loop". Don't quote me on what I'm about to say, but I'm guessing that was a load of bull... The bit on the police academy thing was nice and showed you some intereviews with the actors (sadly, nothing on the guy that blows the whistle) and how they do their stunts. The next bit was going on about the people that audition to become the characters walking around the park (for some reason, they were all 16 year old girls with american accents...meh?) and it all seemed a little put on for my liking. Next was an interview with some park staff and what they like about the park and how one guy rides all the rides a movieworld for a job (why have I never heard of a job like this!). Anyway, in conclusion, it was nothing special, you were probably better off going to bed or summat like that.

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