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Lethal Weapon Breakdown 12-06

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I went to Movie World on Sunday the 12th of June 2005, and ran staight onto Lethal Weapon, i thought it was terrific, i then went on Scooby Doo, three times, then Wild West, then Batman 2. After that i lined up for Lethal and i was wqaiting to get on when at the breaks the train stopped it didnt move for another half hour. (There was only the blue train operating on Sunday.) I went off to go onto Scooby Doo again then went back into the Lethal line. I took 40minutes to have 6circuts of Lethal weapon. The loading time took around 5minutes each! It was finally my turn. It was alot bumpier and faster (i was sitting in the far back) then at the breaks we were stuck for an hour, and they operaters kept on saying.. "You will be off in 2minutes guys, its just a technical diffucalty) The operater said this 8times! The chinese lady next to me was stressing out and was nearly vomiting! After an hour we finally got off and the Ride Closed at lunch time for the rest of the day.

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EURO DISNEY WAS THE BEST!!!! No Roller Coasters can beat Space Mountain: Mission 2 and Rock n' Roller with Ero Smith!!! Anyway the ride operators were nice, except they didnt seem to know what was wrong. The best ride operators are on the Corkscrew, i went on 13times! they let me just stay on the Corkscrew in its peak hours! The lines got to around 15people on Corkscrew and they just let me stay! The Lethal Weapon took forever to load and unload, took 40minutes to go through 120people! SHOCKING! (EVEN CYCLONE HAD FASTER LOADING TIMES!)

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One thing to note is that the ops aren't allowed to tell guests whats wrong. The operator probably knew full well what was going on, but the easiest thing is to just pretend you don't know, otherwise you sound rude when you say "Yeah, I know whats wrong, but I'm not telling". A pity to see the ride go down for half the day, considering it was probably really busy yesterday with the long weekend. Probably even worthy of having 2 trains on the track, though now I think about it, its probably getting into the re-furb time of year. Around 200 per hour isn't that bad in off peak, its only when you get a busy day that a second train helps things along a bit, though I'd love to see the operators Vekoma had in mind when it claimed a capacity of 1010 (even though the train has 20 seats???)

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