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Another No Limits/(Hyper Rails) competition?

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Rules? Jeez I dunno, I guess all I would expect is that the coasters have to be reasonable (Hyper Rails displays G-Forces so you can monitor it, I dunno about No Limits) in terms of intensity and stuff. Er, the track would have to be not too long and have pretty reasonable track elements in it (as in, no continuous helixes like you see in some coasters that have been made in RCT). I guess they'd be what it'd be judged on. It'd also have to flow well and be smooth, no harsh changes in direction unless it's within context (like on Nemesis, the rapid turns on that are reasonable). They're just my thoughts.

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The challenge should have rules that will produce interesting results, like what about a hilly terrain where you cant build above tree height or a oddly shaped area that you build your ride in. BTW if the comp had both hyper rails and no limits, who would judge since the judge would need both sims in order to see all entries.

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