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dreamworld 14/7

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H guys, went to DW today b4 work, first time since april. They have planted all new palms, floliage, and added, mulch and dirt on-top of the reefdifer surrounding sand area.(there is still sand trails through the gardens still.) it looks really good. Looks more like the gardens around the claw now. Im guseesing this is new casue there were ppl still in thegardens and the mulch and dirt smelt I left DW at 12-30, the claw was not in operation the whole morning i was there. I heard them tell someone that it wasnt spinning, and when i watched a few test runs, the seat ring was not rotating. Although when they stoped it, and had to mannuallly dock it, u know how they do that, the seats did rotate when it was in its stationary posi so i dont know. Also like i said i havent been in a while, but there is new sinsage to the entry of Tower of terror, and also a big new sign on the brown queue area of the drop( i well themed logo too. The place is sprucing up a bit lol. the golf putt putt is now coverd with garden bed. Down around the new wiggles world they have also strated clearing right down to the waters edge, the were meta; poles lying in the dirt tey look like supports for a big shadded area. P>S----the place was packed today,rapids and mine ride were all out there queue area.ames with angry beavers. I then did i quick drive to the Movieworl carpark to have my first peek at track...there is quite alot of it there now, i didnt count but theyed have to be 25+ full size pieces.

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