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Canberra Wild Mouse

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As suggested, I'd make an appearance if someone brought this up here. :) The coaster goes by the wonderful original name, Mad Mouse. It's a Herschell travelling mouse, dating back to some time in the 60's or 70's. I'd imagine it was advertised in some industry classifieds within the past 10 years or so, and someone brought it over here for the park (known as Downunderland). The park operates weekends, and holidays. I got the credit last year on the way home from a ski trip (I had previously seen the coaster in 1999 on a similar trip, and vowed to someday return and ride)- it can't have been above 5ºC at the time. It's really nothing special. Apart from just about rusting itself into pieces, it has this strange habbit of "jumping" when a car engages the lift (as it's merely standing on wooden chocks, the force of the car "clicking in" makes the supports shake, and lift off the ground a tiny bit). :) It's got a tiny drop of airtime in the bunny hills leading into the brake run (that can't be more than 75cm tall). Do it for the credit, but that's all you'll get out of it. Here's an RCDB picture, and accompanying information (courtesy of me :D): http://rcdb.com/installationgallery2399.htm?Picture=1

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Don't bother!!! That's my advice. I have been to downunderland amusements numerous times and it's a allright. At the moment the place is closed cause they sold the land. However they will be relocating and adding new attractions by christmas time. This is factual and not made up. The attractions consisted of a worm, swan ride, jumping castle, rundown putt putt, dodgem cars, a dieing sizzler, a ski jump (doesn't work) and the wild mouse which will kill someone, someday soon. Downunderland amusements, aka "Piss week world," is only $12 per day. Which is allright considering a ride at a show costs about $4.

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