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THE RSPCA has accused Jupiters Casino of illegally breeding three tiger cubs and subsequently allowing one to die. RSPCA Queensland chief executive Mark Townend said the cub, bred to two of the casino's resident tigers, died yesterday. "The casino has got three tigers but, according to their permits, they're not supposed to breed them," he said. Mr Townend said the casino simply did not have the expertise or the facilities to deal with an animal breeding program. "It's not like Dreamworld or Australia Zoo where they have facilities to cope with it it's a casino," he said. "It's purely entertainment and the animals suffer." Given Australia's environmental protection and biodiversity conservation legislation, Mr Townend said he simply could not understand how Jupiters had been given permission to house the tigers in the first place. And he said to make matters worse, the Government had now also approved the addition of a young lion to the casino's large cat family. "Under the Act, circus animals are not approved for import so why should a casino be able to claim exceptional circumstances," said Mr Townend. A Jupiters Casino spokeswoman yesterday confirmed three tiger cubs had been born this week, with onedying yesterday. She said the casino was currently in the process of applying for a permit for the remaining pair. As for the lion, the spokeswoman said he was a fifth-generation captivity-bred white lion from the Johannesburg Zoo. The spokeswoman said the lion, nicknamed Jupe, would be housed in a purpose-built animal enclosure which had passed inspection from both the Queensland Government and the RSPCA. Jupiters chief operating officer Charles Read said Jupiters had worked closely with both the state and federal governments to ensure the animals were kept in the best of health with expert veterinary care.

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I've moved it here. Hopefully it will settle in better, and not be bullied by all the Dreamworld posts that were teasing it for being "different" and "Un-Dreamworld". I really don't think the Casino is doing that much wrong here. Realistically the only issue is not having the right permits. I doubt the Casino would be negligent to the tigers, and as at Dreamworld, the Tigers can't be made to do anything they don't want to (I know so many people who have seen the stage show there, where at the end the tigers are revealed, and one or both are asleep). The other thing is you can't really stop hot sweaty tiger love can you? Would you like to be the guy who jumps in the middle to break it all up? Makes you wonder why the Government wasn't made aware that the animal was pregnant.

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