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Tiger Island: Cougar show

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For those who don't know etc, the guys at Tigar Island have restarted doing the Cougar show. Basicly they bring out 1 Cougar from the back and do the show at the front door of the Tiger Island show. They talk about the Cougar the different names used for the cat etc. And then have the Cougar jump up into the air to get some food and show off etc. This is a part of the old wild life show that the Tigar Island people done at a stage that was next to the central cafe this stage has been removed in 2000 2001. The wild life show hasn't been done in the same way but parts of the show are still done in parts of the wild life area at Dreamworld, the snakes lizards etc are done at the wild life park shop is and the Cougar show is now done at the shop at Tigar Island. The show was done last Sunday at 4:15:pm, I'm not sure if the show is done all the time as the guys where saying they have only just started doing it again. This is the only show where you'll be close up to one of the big cats at Dreamworld, if you class less than 2 meters away close enough. :)

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I've seen the show many times, and I can tell you know it's definitely worth it. It's typically on around 4:00-4:30pm daily, and it's located inside the Tiger Island shaded area. It's really amazing to just to watch one of those "PUMAS" jump on the spot to grab a plush tiger over two metres in the air... now that's dedication.

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