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Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

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Yeah I saw it today.  It wasn't bad, I just wished it had gone longer.  One negative of the show was that it made Dreamworld look really crap and made Movieworld seem the classiest park out of our Australian Theme/Amusement parks.


That's not a negitive. If the parks here can be shown for how crappy they are on a world scale good! migh make people realise theres better and stop going, enough to make them do somthing about it that is. An HKDL looks so beautiful except for the lack of rides. Can't wait to visit next year!
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There was an intersting article in one of the weekend papers regarding HK Disneyland and how it will be good for the economy (the government has supported the venture financially) and relying heavily on tourism to support. However, the funniest part was the journalist trying to be cynical with the line about bugs eating the outdoor furniture and Disney Cast Members having to deal with stray dogs. There was also mention that at the preview there was a lack of furniture (which ws to be rectified before te opening) and that the food menu was to be revised to a more Asian feel. They also mentioned that Shanghai was on trak to open in 2012.

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