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Public Behaviour at Hong Kong Disneyland Opening

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I am not in anyway racist but from my experience at theme parks Asians and the rudest and most disgusting racial group of guests that we had at Wonderland, except maybe Lebs and Arabs. Asians would regularly urinate in gardens (not just children), they spat all the time, were the hardest people to deal with when it came to ride restrictions (particularly heights) and would abuse you and call you racist because of it. And it wasn't just the ones that didn't speak Engrish but those who were born and bred in Australia and had full Aussie accents. "The Bus is now leaving for Light Of Asia Mine, Western Australia"

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Now one of them (with the must be a joke name of Hung Wah Fung) is suing the park for being busy on a charity day.  I hope one of the kids peed on him. :D


To be fair it doesn't really seem like he's suing so much as he is requesting the cost of his tickets not be refunded, but donated to a charity. Fair enough. I wonder how many tickets Disney parks gladly refund on a daily basis. The queue was probably just too long for him at City Hall to complain... As for the behaviour of guests, it seems nothing short of disgraceful. Regardless of cultural differences etc., that is just simply not on. It's just a huge sign of complete and utter disrespect.
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