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Six Flags Astroworld to Close Indeffinetly

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To be even fairer, Cyclone was not a planned capex investment. The ride came onto the market at a price that was literally too good to be true and they scooped it up. I'm not sure I'd say it's sad. Ultimately what this is doing is relieving the company of a huge amount of debt - probably around 20 or 30 million dollars in interest per year alone. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't get rid of a few more of their parks in similar circumstances as it ultimately will allow the company to prosper in future, which I think is far more important to the industry. People have suggested Elitch Gardens due to its similar predicament - urban location (valuable land) and lack of room to expand. If they were to get rid of two or three parks like this, it would probably be the difference between breaking even or not (as they have been in the past few years). The rides will all be given new homes so there's no worrying about that, and all of these locations could benefit from new parks in more remote locations, created by these new gaps in the market (Houston is the third largest city in America for instance, there's no way they'll go without a theme park for too long). Also, "indefinitely" would imply that there would be a chance (however slim) that the park may reopen. The park is gone - full stop.

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