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Tickets for Disneyland, Universal and Knott's

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I'm wanting to buy tickets for a 2006 visit to Disneyland Park (a 2-day hopper pass), Universal Studios and Knott's Berry Farm. Are there any places where you can purchase a single pass (discounted), like a "tour" or "combo pass" (similar to the 3 Park Super Pass we have in Australia), that will get us into all parks? Where are the best places to buy (discounted) tickets online?

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If you squeeze in a day or so down at San Diego (only an hour or so south of LA), a SoCal CityPass becomes very attractive. It's $185 for adults and includes a 3-day hopper pass, Knott's entry, SeaWorld San Diego and San Diego Zoo. Normally Knott's and Disney would run you back $184, so $1 for the San Diego parks isn't bad. You end up saving about $80. You basically rock up to any of the parks and buy it at the normal ticket window. A lot easier than doing it online. This doesn't include Universal Studios. If you look around when you're there you'll find plenty of $5 off and similar vouchers in magazines and brochures. They had a deal when I was there where you could purchase an annual pass for the price of a day ticket so we just took that and went back for a few hours when we ran out of things to do.

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Adam, you can purchase disney hopper tickets, from the disney web site. They usual have specials were, adults pay kids prices, or up to 35% off hopper passes. Just check what they have online. There are quite a few tour places in anaheim, some of them offer buy one tour get 2nd 50%. All anaheim tours, offers discounts if you book two together. I paid for magic mountain and universal on the one booking and saved $30. Apart from the disney hoppers, your best of getting the other tickets and or tours when ur in anaheim. Knotts berry farm often have bring a coke/pepsi can promo for discounted admission. hope this helps...by the wy, when r u going, and were u stayin.

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