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Dreamworld.. Sunday 23rd..

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Hey guys, Had a day out at DW yesterday.. fantastic day was had all round... Even better thanks to the McDonalds tokens. :) One blemish on the day was the Eureka Mine Ride. We made it to just about the top of the line, waiting about 20 minutes... then 2 maintenance guys rocked on up. Apparently one of the cars seat belt buckles had broken, and they had to swap the car out. I don't mind.. these things happen.. but don't tell us "it'll just be a minute" when we were waiting for another 20 minutes while 2 maintenance guys seemingly poked randomly at the buttons on the controls to bring the system back online. Worst part was that one was obviously in trainining, and the other one would look at the operator constantly rolling his eyes??? not exactly professional. after waiting for 40 minutes in total with still no end in site, we gave up and left. Claw was down (17/10 - 31/10)... but I knew about that already so it wasn't a shock. Still depressing to see it there surrounded by temporary fencing, not being able to ride the best thing in the park. Had one guy on a cherry picker in the morning working on the engines, but after that it sat dormant. Paddle Steam was down too.. and is it ever! the thing was stripped down to skeleton practically. all railings, all seats etc are gone. Wiggles world has way too many colors in it and should be soon the destination of choice for people on LSD. I saw the new theming on the River Rapids...and it definitely does look better. You don't get as wet now either. Don't know if they changed the water layout or not, but i noticed that you don't go through any waterfalls anymore. the two they had previously have been turned off. Luckily we went straight onto the log ride after that and were drenched. I know people have complained about the bizarre theming on the ride, and i have to agree. Why, in the middle of a gold-rush type scene is a huge dinosaur in the attic of one of the relic buildings.. i have no idea. they should've just left the skeleton. Basically only one bad spot on an otherwise excellent day.. so can't really complain too much.

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"Can't complain too much." It reads more like the whole t/r is bagging the park!
Not really. Keep in mind that these are the only complaints out of an 8 hour FULL day.... If I was to write the good things about the place the T/R would be 20 pages long.

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