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Adventure World New Ride 2006

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I woas wonderin if anyone new what adventure worlds new ride will be for 2006? There doing well business wise in the last few years and spent ova a million each on the rampage do you think it will be a big expensive ride? Id hope they would get a decent rollercoaster though that would be out of there budget and I dont think they have the capacity for one, maybe a log flume or new waterslide like the tornado style one thats going in at wetnwild,

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Its on the Park Map, I noticed some Slide looking thing next to the Speed Slides and when you click on it redirects you to a page with info saying "Super Aqua 6 racer" coming 2005/2006 season and the saying "Youll have to wait and see" for more details on it http://www.adventureworld.net.au/Map_of_the_Park.asp http://www.adventureworld.net.au/Rides_Att...ID=26&Cat_ID=10 the park map takes a while to load, be a good location for it as it will actually slope down a hill rather than be on stilts

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Just reading the press release on this sites main page, it says that the ride pumps over 90 litres of water a minute. 90 litres of water per minute for the whole ride would have the flow rate equivalent of a mini can of coke flowing from each lanes outlet every second. Might be an error there. i think 9000 litres would be more accurate.

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