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Mammoth Plunge nears completion

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Galley: http://www.roller-coaster.com.au/gallery.php?gid=118 Just looking at the tower, I think it would be interesting (though most lilely unfeasible) to install a second slide of this style parallel to this. Make it have one steeper longer drop where you really pickup speed, followed by a smaller one into the splashdown. Thanks again to joz for these photographs.

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I'd love to see something else come off that tower, it’s just so huge, and something where the old toboggan used to be would be great. From the top of the tower, I reckon one like Mammoth River but enclosed would be just the ticket. Imagine it going over the water park and landing in a pool just next too the Plunge exit chute. Feasible? No. Practical? No. Possible? Probably not. Nice dream? Hell yeah :D Just on the update, giving you some idea of how the pace of construction has picked up, the lift is now in place, with more photos (hopefully) coming next week.

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