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Superman Escape Meet - MARCH 18

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Ok, for the trip, I will (should) arive at 9:25 provided surfside buslines don't mess me up, if anyone is having issues with translink, let me know, from where you need to get to, if you are using public transport, and I will try and help, because translinks site can be dodgy at times.

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OK here is the current list.

Please speak up if you think you will be coming and aren't on the list, or you are on it and can't come. joz, Flea, anyone else?

matty_o_911 (maybe)

I've had a look at the Translink website for buses and trains on Saturday and I think to make it easier on people we should meet at 10:00am, not 9:30am out the front of the park.

People catching public transport from Brisbane should catch the 8:25am Gold Coast train from Central Station, then the 9:46am 1A Bus from Helensvale Station.

Meet to the right of the ticket booths. It'll depend on the crowds, but hopefully we can meet under the tree directly to the right of the booths. I think most people coming know others in the group, so it should be easy to find everyone. If you don't know others and can't find us on the day (or are running late and we've already headed in), send me an SMS or give me a ring and I'll try and sort it out.

It will be just Movie World on Saturday. If you're eager to hit up another park (or Movie World again) another day with other members by all means sort that out among yourselves, but the only "official" meet will be Saturday at Movie World.

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With sharing of vouchers etc., it's best that we meet outside the park. It should be a very easily distinguished spot. Just in the shade of the tree directly to the right of the ticket booths. I'll see what I can do with some kind of small sign to make it easier. If you don't know anyone else in the group or don't have anyone else's number please do write down my number. We will wait around for a while, but if you are running late, it wouldn't be too fun trying to find us within the park.

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Hey Richard, how about u print out like a R-C.com.au logo or something and have it in a prominant place (eg your hands at around chest height, or on you backpack or something) so that we can recignise it if we dont know anyone?
Hahaha. Just message Richard and he'll tell you where he's standing or what he's wearing. :P
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damn I am in luck Wife has this weekend off and the family is doing Dreamworld on Friday and Movieworld on Saturday,so it would seem that I can meet up with you all. Wont be too hard to find me,just look for the fat guy with that much kids stuff its got to be a crime. While I wont be able to join you all day I will be able to join you for a ride on SE so thats just as good. will be great to meet up with some of you and chat to others that have spent time in this game we amusement park ops. oh and for the record my name is Russell not Rod,long story.

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Sorry guys, I dont know if I can come anymore...I just started a full time job, and there has been a backlog of work cause they couldnt fill the position for a while...I will let you all know tomorrow night if I can come or not...so just be sure to check the board just before you leave if you want/need to know if im coming or not.

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