Would DW and DW Water Park operate independently?

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I hope that while they are both dreamworld parks that they are managed and treated seperately. The reason I would want this is so money for new rides when allocated isnt split between the parks or they might say this year lets put a new ride in water park, next time dreamworld will get a new ride. If they are two different parks they should be treated as such so they both get allocated their own money and they can both install new rides in parallel or close together not have money and they choose a park to upgrade... This could of course mean that while the waterpark is being constructed now that in theory money could be spent on dreamworld for new attractions because its a seperate park.. what does everyone think do you think they would combine forces and share profts and expenditure for new attractions or would they operate independently?? What would you want would you want it to operate as one park maybe that could mean more profit because its two parks and if they install a new ride they have twice as much to spend (i dont mean exactly twice the amount of profit but obviously a lot more than DW alone) thoughts??

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The park's press release (from Macquarie Leisure) states that:

The Dreamworld Water Park is a unique opportunity for the Macquarie Leisure Trust Group to use its expertise to capitalise on the ability to use existing operational management, back office and marketing resources of Dreamworld
I do believe both parks, to a certain extent, will operate independently in terms of fund allocation. The waterpark isn't being built by Dreamworld, it's being built by Macquarie Leisure. The waterpark will be on the same "level" as Dreamworld - not below. When it comes to adding new attractions, Warner Village seem to add new attractions at the same time (i.e. Shrek 4D and Buccaneer Bay). Not sure how Dreamworld will do this. I doubt we'd see anything major at Dreamworld until the waterpark is built though.

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