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New Water Attraction For Dreamworld...

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Was at Dreamworld yesterday and got some pics. Sorry about the quality. (edit) Sorry about that, it was late and i was tired. Here they are. Maybe someone can explain them? Also, anyone know what the big 'X' is? It was just outside Tiger Island.





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whats a flow rider , please explain
Who are you? Pauline Hanson? Heres a tip, if you dont know what something is, try google, i searched for "flow rider", and the offical website was the first result. Its much faster than waiting for a reply. Either that you could be less lazy and just read the first page of this thread.
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Daniel & I did DW today and here's a pic of the teaser sign. Taken with my phone so it's a bit blurry (the camera in it only being 1.3 megapixel). flowridersign7wl.jpg While a rollersoaker would have been nice, this will still be a heap of fun and if they include a member of Fluffy's family to surf around or two then all the better! :lol:

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Off Topic: "Please DO NOT feed the ibis!" LMFAO! When I went there at the cafe there was a table with heaps of left over food and this ibis landed on it and drank all their coke and grabbed the chicken and flew off! I recon the sign should be more like: "Please don't feed our ibis. They will just help themselves to whatever you leave on the tabe..." Anyway, who the heck is Fluffy?

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