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Hello. I have just registered onto your fabulous forum as I have been looking over this website for quite some time and decided I should join it. And since I couldn't find and introduce yourself topic I thought it would be cool to start off my time on here with an RCT2 park I've been making since November of last year (I don't go on RCT2 much but when I do I go on for hours). Anyway here is my park: Jungle Canyon. The entrance: SCR34.jpg The Mine Train Coaster (I have forgotten the name I always do he he!): SCR47.jpg The whole family area with a Suspended Swinging Coaster known as "The Bat" as the main attraction (the picture is a bit outdated as the colour scheme for The Bat is now a black colour): SCR49.jpg And finally, the soon to be Swamp Land: SCR50.jpg Enjoy!

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Um... Sorry to sound complaintive but isn't anyone going to comment on my work? Any help and advice would be much appreciated too.

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Well the park is only planned to have fourteen rides in it: Four coasters (one for every land), four track rides (one for every land too) and six flats. I have learnt from professional players that you shouldn't overload your park with rides but rathar with buildings and such. And even though the park is 100x100, fourteen rides is plenty for that amount of space. Considering the fact that I have a mountain range circling the whole perimeter of the park so it doesn't give me too much space to work with (especially that I have to make extra room for the final land). Anyway thanks for the comments.

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