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Apprently Warner sold its 50 percent stake of the 3 parks to roadshow..... Does this mean the end of Warner themes? Warner Brother movies and themes make the park :( Anyone want to elborate more?
See here for the article from news.com.au: http://www.finance.news.com.au/story/0,101...710-462,00.html From the article: 'Village said it would continue to partner with Warner Bros in theme parks in Australia now via a long-term licensing agreement.' So hopefully we'll continue to see things operating as normal at the parks. And its interesting to see they might be expanding the Warner Bros parks to Asia through the deal. Edited by matty_o_911
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It's certainly not the end of movie rides. To elaborate further on what matty said, Village have now entered a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. that will allow them to utilise the extensive catalogue of Warner-owned concepts. Up until now, new attractions have been developed by WVTP but approval for their use of whatever Warner Bros. licenses the have used had to come from Warner Bros - either their Australian offices or from the USA. Under the new licensing arrangement, Village Roadshow will be able to utilise the WB property in pretty much the exact same way that the parks have in the past. It'll still mean they have to go to Warner Bros. to get everything approved (WB are very protective of their property and how it can be used or portrayed, as all entertainment companies naturally are), but it shouldn't change exactly what they can do with the licensing.

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