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Dreamworld's water park gets a name

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I was wondering the same thing. I don't love the name but I certainly don't hate it either. Thought it would have been cool if they'd gone for a specific theme to differentiate from Wet 'n' Wild, as it is it's very generic. I think it's ok though. One major problem with the name Bluewater Bay is the fact that it has already been used for a large holiday and permanent apartment complex... and it's on the Gold Coast funnily enough. The website domain name has also been taken by this complex - www.bluewaterbay.com.au I had a look at the registry details for www.whitewaterworld.com.au and sure enough it has been registered by Macquarie Leisure: Domain Name: whitewaterworld.com.au Last Modified: Never Updated Registrar ID: R00055-AR Registrar Name: Domain Registration Services Status: INACTIVE Registrant: Macquarie Leisure Operations Limited Registrant ID: ABN 22104529106 Registrant ROID: C4021724-AR Tech ID: C4021724-AR

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Not really too fussed on the name, its not great, but not bad either. Just so long as whats on the inside is creative and fun, a little bit of originality wouldn't go astray either. I wonder when they will launch the website? I think doing a little teaser for the park in the months prior to opening would be a great idea.

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It's certainly far from the worst on the list. I think it was pretty likely they'd go with a "World" just so it fit in with the other Gold Coast parks - it's definitely a brandname in that sense which they need to cash in on. It's a far better name than "Wet'n'Wild Water World" (they never should have added Water World on the end), it's just a shame it came after WnW so it has to be the one labeled as a copy.

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