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Wiggle's World: New at Six Flags Great Adventure!

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While not strictly speaking Dreamworld news, I think this from Screamscape is quite interesting:

New Land / Wiggle’s World - Rumor - (9/5/06) Screamscape has come across two new pieces of the puzzle today. Our sources tell us that the current Looney Tunes SeaPort area will be transformed into Wiggle’s World, a new kiddie area themed after the preschooler ages TV show. From the sound of things, may of the attractions in SeaPort will be kept and transformed to fit the new theme of the area, so while it will be a new land, I’m not sure how many “new” things there will be to do inside it.
Wonder if the Big Red Car ride will get cloned over there. It'd be the first time a Dreamworld original ride got cloned overseas, and what a great ride to clone too! :rolleyes:
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This certainly is interesting. I'd hope they plan to extend and perhaps rethink parts of the Big Red Car Ride if they plan to install it. No doubt Dreamworld's playing some part in it. If only someone had spotted the Six Flags suits who have no doubt given Dreamworld a visit. Just think of the rumours it could have started.

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