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Cedar Point - Maverick

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SANDUSKY, Ohio, 2006 – Cedar Point will take guests to a new frontier in 2007. The historic amusement park/resort has announced plans for a new roller coaster for next summer named Maverick. Located in Frontiertown, Maverick will treat riders to multiple terrain-hugging elements that have never been experienced on a Cedar Point roller coaster. Guests will begin their adventurous journey on Maverick by boarding steam-era-styled coaster trains with an ultra-sleek profile that will carry them along the 4,450-foot-long course. Linear synchronous motors will propel the train to the top of a 105-foot-tall first hill. From there, it's not straight down – it's more than straight down! Maverick will take its passengers down to Earth at an astonishing 95-degree angle at speeds of up to 57 mph to within five feet above the ground! From there, the train will hug the terrain as it twists and banks around hairpin turns with quick but smooth changes in direction. Throughout the 2-minute, 30-second ride, passengers will also experience eight "airtime-filled hills," three inversions and a second launch through a dark tunnel that will leave them in awe as they reach speeds of 70 mph! Read more at PointBuzz - (includes photos, videos and more) I haven't been following this one (I knew it was Intamin and I knew it was red is pretty much it), but I'm amazed by what they're doing here. I guess when you get to where Cedar Point are you start to get really creative with things. Plus what's that now, four launched Intamins in a row? I've always been a huge fan of terrain coasters, and I think fast and low banked turns and s-bends are some of the best and most underrated elements out there. Everything about this coaster is so RCT... from the fast lift to the second launch and the crazy length. Gives me reason to get back and get to Cedar Point finally.

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