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Wet 'N' Wild discount ticket?

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Registering on www.myfun.com.au is the only other real 'reliable' way to get discounts, since they always have at least something going for each of the parks. At this time of the year I'm afraid you'll find virtually no other discounts around.
Thanks so much for your help - I didn't know about the myfun.com.au site - it looks quite good and says it gives you 10%. A friend actually found 15% in the entertainment book, so we'll use that. I'm hoping Monday is going to be quiet, last day of school holidays and all - as I've heard it's not much fun to be lining up all day at Wet and Wild. I really don't know what I expect it to be in terms of busy-ness though! Thanks again. Matt
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Perhaps a bit late to give this piece of info, but if you can get down to WnW tomorrow instead of Monday I'd strongly suggest doing so. The crowd will be bigger on Sunday, but there is no dive in movie on Monday, and dive in movies give you the best chance to heaps of rides, as h20 zone and mammoth falls are open during the movie, and normally very quiet.

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Hi, Does anyone have any spare 'buy one get one free' or 'Adults @ kids prices' vouchers for WnW they'd be willing to part with? Or sell for a small cost? I'm planning on going to Wet n Wild for my birthday in August. Thanks, Beck
why not just get that $100 pass that gives unlimited entry til july 2010? sure it costs more now, but if you plan on going more than once, especially over summer...
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I think you will find that there aren't any discounts at the moment- and if there are any chances are they are all local residents only discounts and you do have to show photo ID Your best deal is probably through RACV or what ever insurance company your with

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