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Prison Break LIVE

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Yeah? That's gotta be clogging up the pathways a bit. There's not all that much room there to begin with. I'd be interested to hear how it is if anyone does decide to give it a look. I'm guessing the tie-in with Prison Break is dubious at best, especially if the Lynton V. Harris produced Tomb Raider at Dreamworld was anything to go by.

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Prison Break Live is situated on the former Spider site next to the Carousel. I didn't go on it, but there were a few willing to wait. From what I gathered it's a dark walk through attraction like a maze with people inside acting as prisoners and guards. There seemed to be lot of smoke coming from the attraction. The attraction is small with an approximate 6 metre x 12 metre footprint.

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The Spider has been relocated to the top of the park next to the Enterprise and the Twin Dragon. LPM seemed very busy considering it was also the 2nd day of the Melbourne Show. There was a queue at most attractions. However some of the theming is a bit suspect. Am wondering what Fox will be doing to rejuvinate the Park.

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Prison Break LIVE! is a walk-through attraction which is much scarier than it looks! You start off in a small room with 5 other people, with a bright light shining at you. One of the guards then suddenly jumps out, unnessacerily scaring the c*** out of you. You are told to put your hands on the person in front of you, and walk in a single file through the door ahead of you. All the prison "cellmates" are loose inside a maze of chain link fence, with dead ends, mirrors, smoke and strobe lighting (not reccomended for people with epilepsy). The actors are great, and will follow you without you knowing and suddenly scare the sh** out of you. The first time I went through one of them actually made our group split up, and forced us to go in separate directions. Overall I think it's a great addition to Luna Park, I wish it could stay forever :( . Anyone travelling to Luna Park has to check this out, even though Luna Park itself is pretty crap I.M.O.

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