Dracula's new 2007 Haunted House Attraction

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^Dunno, at $23 its basically half a ticket to say WnW....though I wonder (and doubt) it would even be half as good (and at 30 minutes its a lot more than other forms of entertainment) Furthermore, is the attraction as a whole any better than other things at theme parks, such as nightmares? Other scary dark rides like Haunted Mansion? It may be a family operation, but at the end of the day you can only give so much of a concession to this fact in a competitive tourism environment, especially when you are spending that amount of money to get in. I doubt the average visitor is going to care that it is family run if they have had a disappointing experience.

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It lasts a lot longer than Nightmares and while there are a few static animatronic displays, there are some cool areas to wander through, making it worth doing at least once. More to the point, me mentioning it's family-run just makes what they've done even more amazing - not simply a concession. No, it's not the equal of Disney's Haunted Mansion but that's one of the ultimate haunted house experiences you can get. But they have done a great job, just on a smaller scale.

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3 out of ten, go to infinity and have a ball.
I agree and thats exactly what we did. Went to the mansion and even after our 30% discount from the Draculas cabaret show, we still felt ripped off. Went directly to Infinity and had a great time! If you're a tourist, maybe one of those things you have to do once, but Im a bit hesitant - that may be pushing it. I was expecting a pretty frightening experience but was particularly dissapointed. Just my opinion

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