Competition Time.. or is it?

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With just over 1 month till the opening of WhiteWater World, I thought it would be high time to discuss the future of both the waterparks existing on the Gold Coast. Will there be a competition between the two parks and is this needed? Obviously WnW holds the current monopoly on the waterpark market atm. This will definately change when WWW opens in December. Movieworld and Dreamworld - both from the same companies which are set to "compete" are coinciding happily with eachother. There is some, but not much competition between these two parks. A quote from Steven Gregg, CEO of Dreamworld/MLT... "I don't think we necessarily have to compete with Wet'n'Wild. I believe there is enough room on the Coast and we are strengthening the market. I think in a year's time bosses from both parks could be standing here smiling." His idea suggests that the park is not a direct threat to WnW but a mere addition to the great line up of tourism activities avaliable on the Gold Coast. Is there a real need for this big war over the best water park when there is an example of parks existing with no real rivalry? Has the whole situation just been over exaggerated? Think what you want about which park is better... MW or DW. There is no real emergent competition existing between these parks over who has the better rides. Time will tell which park "succeeds" and which "fails" (if you believe that can happen) between the two water parks... but I quote some user who said "2007 will be the year of WhiteWater World". Your thoughts?

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  • Steven Gregg is just saying what the tourism industry and public want to hear.
  • Movie World and Dreamworld are in direct competition.

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I know that Movie World and Dreamworld are in direct competition. I didn't say they aren't. What I mean is that it has been made out by the media and also other people that one park will either succeed or fail. This will not be the case - although Dreamworld and Movie World directly compete they also coincide with eachother to strengthen the QLD tourism industry. Without eachother there would be no where to go - this is what happened with WnW when WVTP found out about WWW - They expanded. Also, I would rather hear from Steven Gregg that "WhiteWater World is a much better park than Wet'n'Wild" rather than "It will strengthen the market"...

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Of course the CEO of the park opening the new attraction is going to say how great it is and how he doesn't feel he'll be competing with Wnw. When the CEO of WVTP says the same thing then I'll take it on board. But I don't see that happening.

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