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Wet 'n' Wild is on Getaway

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Wet 'n' Wild is certainly getting in first on all these shows before WhiteWater World has a chance to. The difficult thing for WWW is the fact that the park is opening in December which is when a lot of TV programs have finished for the year. It is the non ratings period

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Oh my god, getaway as well. :huh: WnW Is absoulutely going for it, with the ads and stuff. I haven't seen not even one advertisement for WWW. Mabey WWW is just not ready to show there ads because they're not fished yet (just a thought). Anyway, good find Dreamworld_Rulz, looking forward to it. I always love seeing good quality video footage of theme parks and waterparks. :D Like all coaster enthusiasts :P . P.S: I you haven't noticed yet, I'm actually Coaster Boy 6. Ok, I lost my password, email retrieve thing didn't work, so made new account and added on two numbers. Coaster Boy 8

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Getaway is on now, and the first thing they showed was WnW. I'm not sure if they're doing WWW as well but for those who miss it, it's not much. They did Mach V, Blackhole & Tornado with Wez'N'Will and showed Buccaneer Bay. Oh, and they were interviewing kids and asking opinions about which ride they liked the most.

My favouritest one is the one that goes really steep and 100km/h. You can put your hands behind you head and you have to cross your legs like this...
(I used incorrect grammar and spelling on purpose). Edited by WnW_Rocks

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