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How do I get stairs underneath the suspended coasters
Build them the normal way, but remember that you need enough space below since the trains hang below the track so you cant just build a path straight under, drop it down a few units.
and beside the other coasters
Just click on the square beside the coaster with the path tool running, click on the pin icon and then use the options that appear to build the stairs.
how do I make my own signs for rides
Click on the theming button, then from the set of buttons that appear click the 3rd from the bottom (It has a picture of a billboard with a burger and drink on it). A menu appears from which you can pick your own images for you signs. (So just make an image file of your sign with whatever program you use (MS Paint?) and put it in the my pictures folder before you play RCT3 and it will be there ready for you to use.
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