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Hey Guys!! Thought you might be interested in a rare pic from Luna Park's past. It is a photo of the Wild Cat roller coaster that replaced the Wild Mouse in the very early 70's. I have also included 2 pics taken of the last remaining car from the original Big Dipper. It is located next to the Tumblebug and is a tribute to another era in the park's history. Enjoy!! Jobe




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Nice pictures! :) Does anyone know why this coaster was replaced? I feel Luna Park Sydney should restore a lot of the theming which was incorporated into the park in the 1990's revamp of the park. For example; The giant spider that went over the top of Spider. The bug which was located at the entrance of Tumble Bug, so on. I also feel, that LPS should have kept the same layout of the rides as it was in the 1990's revamp. Maybe, used the area out back of Coney Island to build a Log flume, or indoor coaster like Scooby?

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First up....LOVE the pic's :D I agree with your thoughts on restoration...It would be wonderful to see just a tad of it's former glory copied. The Spider was a great ride also & the spider on the web was a fantastic entrance to used to swing out over the water which was quite thrilling imho. From what I understand the WildCat was sold off to another park after the Ghost Train fire closed the park...but I'm sorry I don't know what one perhaps someone else??..The WildCat ride itsef was VERY fun espescially as it twisted high up on the building & it had a couple of wicked drops & helix's that always delivered :blink::P As for the Big Dipper that's a WHOLE new memory altogether. I was quite young & I remember being tossed around as it plummeted along the track. By far the best wooden coaster I've ridden. Plenty of drops & turns & a great out & back formation with camel humps all along the way

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