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Aussie parks ... In the Beginning

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Not sure if this has been posted about yet, but I couldn't see anything. Tonight on channel 7 at 6pm they are doing a 'Flashback' special all about our themeparks. From what I saw there is coverage of DW, SW, MW and WNW when they first opened, and I'm guessing it will be a form of historical account of where they have come since then. I think this is great and will certainly be tuning in. I can't wait to see actual footage of what the parks were like back then, and not just my memories. Thought some of you might be interested. . .

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Not sure where you have got your information from, but 1, 6:00PM on Channel 7 & Networked Stations is 7 News Time, and secondly I couldn't find anything about any sort of Theme Park special on the Yahoo7 website for that time frame and no I didn't only search NSW & ACT, I also checked QLD's Chanel 7 Networked stations and nothing. Would you be able to share your source or prove me wrong somehow please? I invite you to make me look like a fool.

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It was fairly short on Brisbane's Seven News. Didn't miss much. Just archival footage of all the parks and some that don't exist anymore/renamed etc. Interesting but not essential. They showed footage from the Movie World opening that I hadn't seen before - looked like they put on a good show. Dreamworld's main street in the archival footage looked almost identical to how it is today. I don't have the means to tape it let alone YouTube it, so hopefully some others did.

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